A gift from the heart – 5 gift ideas for the child who has everything

*This is a collaborative guest post*

It’s wonderful when we get to spoil our children, and it’s a great feeling when others want to make them feel special also. However, the accumulation of birthdays, Christmas and other holidays and milestones means that before long, you and all your friends and family are out of ideas to spoil them with. Kid’s rooms gather clutter quickly, and whether or not they actually play with half the toys they have in their rooms is questionable.

So, if you’re struggling for gift ideas or you just want to gift your child something other than toys, here are 5 present ideas for the child who has everything.

Something for their future

A Junior ISA or another kind of savings account is a wonderful gift for any child. Of course, they aren’t able to physically play with a savings account – not until they’re old enough! But when you start a fund for a child’s future, it’s a wonderful, thoughtful gesture that shows how dedicated and devoted you are to their future success and happiness. Your savings pot could help towards their first deposit, a car, fund a trip around the world or even finance the wedding they’ve always wanted. Whatever they spend the money on, they’ll be thinking of you.

A magazine subscription

I think most adults dread getting mail, usually because all we get is bills. However, as a child, receiving something in the mail is incredibly exciting! So, with this in mind, how about treating your recipient to a magazine subscription? They’ll get something new in the mail every single month and you can choose a magazine subscription that appeals to their hobbies, creativity or just something to do for fun.

Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

A scrapbook

Is your child creative? Do they love decorating, sticking, painting and making everything glitter? A scrapbook is a simple, yet is a creative idea that will keep them occupied but also help them create a book filled with personal moments and happy memories. Get some pictures printed off and let them stick them in, put together a set of scrapbook materials including coloured card, washi tape, glitter, stickers and pens. They can add to it as they grow, and it’ll become a wonderful, unique keepsake.


The gift of reading is a wonderful thing and it should be encouraged as much as possible. Even if your child doesn’t consider reading as a hobby, you could still gift them other kinds of reading materials. A joke book, a children’s encyclopedia, activity books or even an annual. Even if your child isn’t reading independently just yet, you can still sit with them and go through the books together.

Your time

What your child would really like for their birthday is some quality time. Dedicate a whole day to spend with each other and let the child decide what they’d like to do or where they want to go. Within reason of course! Make sure you take plenty of photographs and enjoy spending some time together. You’ll both love it.

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