How to Make Your Bed the Focal Point of Your Bedroom

Your bed sets the foundation for the style of your entire bedroom, with its sheer size eclipsing other décor and furniture, but a wrong fabric here and a wrong texture there can undo that focal point and ruin your bedroom’s ambience.

The trick is building outward from your bed to craft a custom sleep sanctuary. Once you’ve selected a bed frame, complementary elements like area rugs, shelving, artwork, mirrors, curtains, and greenery can enhance your room’s interior design.

Metal, wood or upholstered – choosing a bed frame

You can choose metalwood, or an upholstered base for the frame. Mixing bed materials, like a wooden headboard with metal legs, is also an option.

Wood makes a warm, natural material well-suited for classic décor, while metals like brass have an industrial yet potentially ornate aesthetic.

Upholstered divan bases offer a softer look, especially when tailored with a headboard – these are available in various styles, including winged, geometric, studded, and rounded.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds 4FT 6 Double Divan Base. Available from Bedstar. Priced £238. (Various coloured fabric to choose from)

The power of colour, or a lack thereof!

White, black, grey, and natural wooden beds might sound mundane, but a neutral bed framed by colourful walls or bedding makes a powerful style statement.

For example, the muted palette allows the intricate details of a carved wood sleigh or ornate metal bed to shine. A white bed pops against navy blue walls and patterned bed linens for a crisp, contemporary look. Contrast is key.

Alternatively, you can go for something that’ll stand out, like a shiny brass bed frame, something pink or yellow. Upholstered beds are your best bet for colourful options, and you can play with textures like velvet and linen.

Design details for maximum impact

Elaborate metal scrollwork winding up the legs, a padded and studded headboard, crystal knobs, shapely tapered posts, and border piping along the edges – these types of special touches turn an average bed frame into a showstopper.

Antique distressing and floral curved headboards with wooden bed frames do the trick for a romantic cottage feel. Modern tastes may call for a plain, low-platform bed with hidden storage inside, like an ottoman bed.

Pictured: Kaydian Design Kirkby 4FT 6 Double Ottoman Bed – Slate. Available from Bedstar. Priced £899.

Bedding completes the look.

White sheets and duvets allow an ornate metal frame to shine as the focal point, while boldly patterned linens can transform even a plain divan bed into an eye-catching display.

Consider the fabric quality when selecting bed sheets, duvets, and pillowcases sold in coordinated sets. 100% Egyptian or Pima cotton brings softness and durability over years of use and becomes even softer when laundered.

Layer in cosy knit throws, intricately embroidered quilts, and abundant stylish cushions to create a beautiful bedspread, but don’t obscure the headboard – be mindful of proportions when piling on the pillows.

Create a feature wall behind the bed to make it pop.

A fun way to make your bed frame pop against the other furniture is to paint one wall a dramatic, saturated colour that contrasts beautifully with the bedding and retaining walls. For example, a navy-blue wall would make a brass bed stand out.

You could also install an interesting textured wall treatment behind the bed for a focal point, like wood planks, classic tongue and groove panels, chic shiplap boards, geometric wallpaper, or decorative tiles if you want some artistic flair.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Fullerton 4FT 6 Double Storage Bed, showcased against the board and batten-styled wall panelling. Available from Bedstar.

Proper lighting and artwork put the finishing touches on making your bed the star of the room. Wall sconces or reading lamps that glow warmly over it look lovely. And an oversized mirror can reflect light in unique ways, adding glamour.

When choosing artwork, uplifting and colourful pieces are always a nice fit for bedrooms. Etsy has great original art, or you can find high-quality prints from places like museum shops if you want a splash of culture from the greats.