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After a slightly longer than planned break away from interiors and DIY we are back at it with the house again, and hoping to smash a few big things off of my to do list before Christmas. Recently I got a few bargain pieces of furniture from eBay and Facebook Marketplace to help finish off the living room, this weekend I started removing paint from the stairs in an attempt to get them prepped to paint soon, hopefully the bathroom reno will start in a few days and after that we will tile the hallway and start the kitchen – lots going on!

With all of that work comes lots of interior related decisions, lots of choices to make about how to create spaces that I love – spaces that feel like home. It’s been a lot of fun designing and decorating these rooms, but ultimately the goal has always been to make this place feel warm, cosy, inviting and safe – our family home finally. Between the rooms that are (almost) finished and the rooms that are currently in the planning phase, the aim is to walk into each one and feel comfort, happiness, and love.

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How to Bring Warmth Into Your Home


Mostly I’m not a fan of colour. In fact, when Dil asks me what my favourite colour is I usually say black or white. But while planning each room of the house I’ve found myself drawn to a similar colour palette – deep jewelled tones that create a warm, calm and inviting atmosphere. The green I chose for the living room (Victorian Tapestry by Valspar GIFTED) and the muted pink in my bedroom (Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball colour matched by Valspar – also GIFTED) both create a perfectly cosy atmosphere. Instead of choosing cold or bright colours, think carefully about your colour schemes and opt for warm, jewelled, dark shades to create inviting corners of your home.


Something that really adds to that feeling of a homely warm atmosphere is lighting. Lighting is often an overlooked piece of a room, but your lamp and light fitting choices can really add to or change up the whole feeling of a room. By opting for warm or dimmed light ceiling lights, or using a lamp instead to create the right kind of relaxed ambience, you can create the perfect cosy vibe. In my living room I opted for the IKEA Sinnerlig pendant – a classic on the gram, and I adore the feeling it gives the room. It’s big, so it makes a big impact on the space and sets everything off nicely. I also have a Himalayan salt lamp on a shelf which creates a beautiful glow in the room and is also believed to offer some health benefits.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller that can add warmth as well as style to a room, then you could consider a desk or floor lamp. Cox & Cox have a brilliant selection of traditional and contemporary lamps, all perfect to help create that warm and inviting atmosphere. By day a lamp can be a stylish addition to your room decor, and in the evening flick it on to cuddle up, read a book, or just enjoy the home you’ve created.


Another really simple way to bring comfort and warmth into your room is to add textiles – blankets, cushions and fabrics all help create a homely atmosphere. This is a brilliant way to change a space if you live in rented accommodation and can’t paint the walls. Add cushions in complimentary (or contrasting) shades to your sofas and beds, drape soft blankets across cosy chairs, or choose lush curtains as window dressings. Add rugs, choose carpet, add softness to each room. I also really love adding macrame art to the walls, which is a lovely way to add some variety alongside hung frames. You can even introduce textiles into a bathroom with indulgent bath mats and towels hung on hooks on the wall.

Knick Knacks

One of my favourite things about the living room (the room that’s closest to being finished right now) is the shelving we put up which now houses some of my favourite things. I know that minimalism is very trendy currently, and clutter is something I really try to avoid, but lining the shelves with things that bring me joy, make me smile, or bring back happy memories really makes the room feel special. My shelves hold photos of me and Dil that make me smile or laugh, shells, sticks and stones that we’ve collected on days out together, house plants I love and beautiful pieces of art that I’ve bought or been given by dear friends. Aesthetically it looks great to people coming in to the room, but to me it brings an extra amount of joy. Glancing over to see a funny photo booth picture of the two of us, a shell we found together, or a piece of art made by a talented friend makes me feel warm, and most importantly filling the room with the things that bring me so much joy really make it feel like our home.

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