AW17 Top Picks – H&M

Next up on my AW17 Top Picks feature is H&M. Don’t forget to check out my previous features – Zara and Bon Tot. 

I’m a big fan of H&M, I think they sell some really lovely, comfortable children’s clothes at affordable prices. I particularly love their basic vests and leggings, and they always stock lovely knitwear. Their sizes are also on the generous size which I love because I’m still squeezing Dilan into the baby boy collections! Here’s my current favourite items. 

clockwise from top left: Ribbed Cardigan £14.99, Long Sleeved T-shirt £5.99, Cable-knit Jumper £9.99, Fine-knit Jumper £7.99, Fine-knit Jumper £6.99, Jumper in a Textured Knit £7.99
clockwise from top left: Fine-knit Romper Suit £14.99, Sweatshirt Romper Suit £12.99, Jersey Romper Suit £9.99, Fine-knit Wool Romper Suit £19.99
clockwise from top left: Knitted Jumper and Trousers £17.99, Silk Blend Romper Suit £19.99, Fine-knit Jumper and Trousers £17.99, Sleeveless Romper Suit £12.99
clockwise from top left: Moss-stitched Knitted Trousers £9.99, Trousers in a Textured Knit £9.99, Knitted Trousers £6.99, Silk-blend Top and Trousers £19.99, Sweatpants in Light Beige Marl £7.99, Sweatpants in Khaki Green £7.99
left: Sweatshirt All-in-one Suit £12.99, right: Rain Trousers with Straps £14.99
clockwise from top left: Jersey Pyjamas in White £9.99, Printed Pyjamas £5.99, Jersey Pyjamas in Green £9.99, 2-pack All-in-one Pyjamas in Grey £9.99
What do you think? Anything I missed? Let me know below!

More highlights from our favourite brands next week. If you have any recommendations for shops I should be checking out, or if you are a brand and want to put yourself forward then let me know by commenting below or at


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