13 Things That Happen to Your Children Once They Become Parents – A Guest Post from My Mum & Dad

Recently I teamed up with Chotapeg – a new social networking site for modern grandparents, and I wrote about the 11 Things That Happen to Your Parents Once You Give Them Grandchildren. Once my parents read it (they are my most loyal readers – Hi Guys!) they wanted a chance to respond, which I guess is only fair. So for the first time ever (can’t believe I’m even typing this) here’s a guest post from my own Mum and Dad..

13 Things That Happen to Your Children Once They Become Parents

  1. They wonder how we succeeded in getting them to adulthood because of all the things we did “wrong” whilst raising them.
  2. They want to know why they didn’t get an iPad when they were children, despite the fact that iPads didn’t exist back then.
  3. They forget that they had trouble counting too, and telling the time… (home by 10 not midnight remember?)
  4. They now maintain that a ‘regular routine’ is suddenly important for their children, despite fighting against the bedtimes we imposed for years.
  5. They forget who taught them how to bake and helped them to do crafts, all before the invention of Pinterest too.
  6. They learn (the hard way) that money doesn’t grow on trees and only spends one time, so they finally know why we said no to Disney World and puppies.
  7. They forget that we didn’t get much sleep either when they were young, and that we are still losing sleep even now worrying about them.
  8. They now talk about the benefits of exercise and ‘getting outside’, despite spending years demanding that we drive them everywhere.
  9. They don’t remember how hard it was to convince them to eat their peas, or how many times they put weird things up their own nose…
  10. They think they invented things like ‘baby led weaning’ and other ‘modern’ parenting techniques.
  11. They almost become willing to admit that we have knowledge and experience (and learn that it is just waiting to be shared)
  12. They start to actually see how hard we tried, how much we gave and understand how much love we felt.
  13. They realise that we have always been incredible, and we are part of the reason that they are too. And that we did have it way, way worse…

(Note from me – they absolutely didn’t, I was an angel child and an absolute pleasure to raise, even in my teens. Promise!!)

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