Pamper Your Body, Soul & Mind: Post Pregnancy

*This is a collaborative post*

You did it! From early morning nausea to muscle and leg cramping, your past nine months have rewarded you. You are now a beautiful mother to a beautiful baby.

Without a doubt, the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, labour, birth, and breastfeeding play a vital role in a woman’s mental health. Motherhood could be overwhelming and challenging with a new set of responsibilities. It can be blissful yet frustrating. Most new moms experience ‘baby blues.’

You may get fatigued, but take a minute! Don’t neglect yourself. Self-care will remind you that you are not just a mom.

Here are some tips to pamper and reward yourself for a well-done job.

Schedule a spa

The stress and changes your body has gone through are incomprehensible unless one is in the same shoes.

Consequently, postpartum massage will help a great deal. It will reduce swelling and body pain and give your body the relaxing break that it deserves.

So, book an hour-and-a-half full body massage and rejuvenate your tensed muscles.

Wear some soft and comfy blends

Postpartum is a crucial time wherein you connect with your child and would demand the slightest bit of stress on your body.

Naturally, you would like to wear comfies while taking care of your baby. So, why not do it in style?

Invest in sustainable loungewear, knit pyjamas, or leggings made of the softest blends. Choose the ones made out of plant-based fabrics that provide softness and reliability, all in style for everyday wear, giving you the comfort to get involved in your favourite past-time.

Comfortable clothing will let you enjoy the finer things in life without needing a special occasion. You can also look for something stretchable that fits you well. Remember to buy a true-to-size fit.

Get some help

Relax at least 2-3 days a week by ordering food from restaurants that cook confinement food for new mothers or hire a confinement nanny to cook for your family and look after the baby.

You can also hire a cleaner to pamper yourself on the weekend.

Remember: these nurses charge more, but they are ultimately worth it.

A bubble bath and aroma magic

Set a ‘date’ with yourself and you will leave yourself truly pampered. It must have been a long since you got your me-time.

Use scented candles or calming diffusers with essential oils that relieve stress and act as an antidepressant.

This tip will soothe any new mom.

Catch up with your friends

Have a post-pregnancy spa treatment outing with your friends. Or, go for a walk with your baby, go to a cafe and catch up with your friends.

It works as an excellent aid in meeting the newbie parents, sharing experiences and exchanging tips on parenting, and giving and receiving that moral support to people in the same situation.

Closing Words

Childbirth is miraculous and the most luxurious gift one can own. Whether going for a massage, purchasing cosy loungewear, enjoying your bubble bath, or hanging out with friends, you need to know that you deserve all this and much more.