5 Pieces of Jewellery Everyone Needs

*This is a collaborative post*

There are certain items of clothing that are considered staples that everyone needs; the little black dress, a good pair of jeans, the perfect t-shirt. Well, the same thing goes for jewellery. Today, we’re checking out the essential 5 pieces of jewellery everyone needs in their jewellery box. Wondering how many you have?

1.    Diamond Studs

The diamond stud earring is genuinely the jewellery equivalent of the little black dress. This is a type of jewellery that is never out of style, never looks out of place, and suits every individual’s aesthetics.

You can opt for square or princess cut diamonds if you want something that looks more cutting edge and modern, or the classic round cut diamonds for the most classic timeless look. The great thing about this type of jewellery is that the amount you spend on it is up to you; smaller studs look classy and understated while larger stones are the perfect bougie touch to elevate any outfit effortlessly.

2.    A Pearl Necklace

We’ve all watched the classic ‘80s and ‘90s family films where the stylish mums (or moms) wear a single strand pearl necklace and look absolutely like the most classy and sophisticated woman you’ve ever met. That is why a classic vintage pearl necklace is the next item on the list of essential jewellery pieces.

Whether you opt for a pearl choker, pearl pendant, or a strand of pearls, you won’t regret including some of their characteristic lustre in your jewellery box. Pearls are the ‘in’ gemstone at the minute as well, so make sure you get your hands on some of those precious organic gemstones and strike while the iron is hot.

3.    Birthstone Ring

You might read ‘birthstone jewellery’ and roll your eyes thinking it’s childish – but you’re wrong! Having a gemstone assigned to your birth month is a great time saver for styling yourself. Whichever month you were born in, you can plan whole outfits and aesthetics around the colour of your birthstone.

There’s a range of emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, citrines, rubies and more – experiment with the gemstone associated with your birthday and celebrate yourself with a little something on your finger. It’s something beautiful that can hold a place on your hands that isn’t an engagement ring – the only link this jewellery needs is between you and yourself!

4.    Tennis Bracelet

Popularised in the 1970s, the diamond tennis bracelet quickly became a staple for all Wimbledon-viewing ladies of leisure. The single row of diamonds is an effortless look that seems equally perfect paired with tracksuit bottoms or an elegant dress. These pieces are also perfect for stacking. Wearing multiple tennis bracelets stacked together looks extremely classy yet totally elegant and chic.

Think Bella Hadid, think Kendall Jenner, think Selena Gomez. This is the kind of energy you can channel when you’re keyed in to the tennis bracelet trend. Another great thing about this piece of jewellery is that it pairs so well with the other essential pieces; a tennis bracelet and diamond studs will have you looking and feeling expensive as hell in all the right ways.

5.    Eternity Ring

Clearly, there must be something about the simplicity and beauty of diamonds all in a row. Eternity rings can be summed up as being a row of diamonds all around the shank of the ring, with half eternity rings having diamonds around only the outward-facing side. Whether you like the idea of a full eternity or a half eternity more, you can’t go wrong with this style.

This is another one that stacks well with all the other items on the list; more really is more with diamonds. Having said that, however, one of the best things about these types of jewellery is how they can subtly add beauty and style to your outfits. Wearing an eternity ring is traditionally a symbol of celebrating an anniversary or a significant achievement; why not celebrate your future as a fashionista?

These are the ultimate foundations of essential jewellery ownership; once you have your own version of these pieces (even if they’re cubic zirconia), then you’ll be set to look effortlessly stylish and chic every day. Which piece do you think looks the best?