How to Modernise the Bathroom

Bathrooms aren’t just functional spaces for attending to our hygiene needs, they should also be spaces for relaxation and self-care, where we can unwind away from the demands of our daily lives. However, that’s easier said than done if your bathroom is looking a little outdated or run-down.

Here are some simple ways you can add some life back into a tired-looking bathroom and if in doubt, head to a bathroom showroom for real-life inspiration and ideas.

Upgrade Your Accessories

A simple shake-up of your bathroom décor and accessories can do wonders. Think of it as a mini-makeover or facelift for your bathroom.

Invest in a new shower curtain and bathmat or treat your bathroom to a matching soap dish and hand-wash dispenser. You could even buy some new, soft hand towels to finish off the look.

Increase the Shower Pressure

There’s nothing worse than standing under your shower ready to rinse only to find yourself under a trickle of water.

Increasing the overall water pressure in your home is no easy fix but upgrading your shower head to a newer model with stronger spray options can go a long way to helping improve your shower pressure and make showering more efficient and enjoyable.

Clean the Grout

Limescale and general grime can make any bathroom look worn and horrible. No matter how diligent you are about your bathroom cleaning regime, a build-up of mould or mildew is inevitable in hard-to-clean nooks and crannies, such as the spaces between tiles, around taps and along seals.

Using specialist cleaning solutions to scrub up your grout or regrouting between tiles will help to give your bathroom a fresh, clean look.


Another option to improve and modernise the appearance of your bathroom is to retile it. Opt for something sleek and simple that will complement your existing bathroom suite and décor and give a classic, timeless look.

If you can’t afford to retile your entire bathroom, switching up the tiling around your bathroom sink splash-back area is one way to elevate the look without breaking the bank.

Update the Bathtub

A new bathroom suite is the obvious go-to for updating and modernising any bathroom but if your budget won’t quite stretch that far, updating your bathroom tub is a middle-ground that will instantly transform your bathroom at a fraction of the cost.

You could go for a modern, sleek design, a compact tub to fit a smaller space or if you’re looking for a touch of decadence, what about a classic clawfoot freestanding bathtub?

Alternatively, you might decide to get rid of your bath completely. Many households find they don’t use their bathtub often enough to justify the space it takes up, particularly in a compact bathroom and you may decide that you’d be happier with a walk-in shower cubicle instead.