Exploring Top Days Out in Hampshire

Summer is in full swing, the school holidays are just around the corner, and Hampshire is buzzing with an array of exhilarating events and activities for the whole family to enjoy. From thrilling outdoor adventures to captivating cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone to revel in this July.

Embark on an unforgettable journey as Hampshire comes alive with a myriad of exciting happenings, promising endless days of fun for families and individuals alike. Whether you’re seeking high-flying action, cultural performances, or outdoor escapades, Hampshire has it all in store for you this July! So, gear up for an action-packed month filled with exploration, entertainment, and memories waiting to be made. Get ready to delve into a world of excitement and adventure right here in Hampshire!

Marwell Zoo

With over 100s of animals, a 140-acre park, and 5 adventure play areas, Marwell Zoo is a must-visit for families. You can get up close and personal with exotic and endangered species, including giraffes, tigers, leopards, meerkats, penguins, and more.

Animal Experiences Days: The zoo offers special animal experience days, allowing visitors to feed Humboldt penguins, help with penguin health checks, and even interact with Amur tigers and snow leopards. These experiences include day entry to the zoo and lunch, making it an unforgettable adventure for animal lovers of all ages. This is something the kids will never forget!

Paulton’s Park Rides

Paulton’s Park features a wide variety of children’s rides, family rides, and thrilling attractions, all included in the price of entry tickets (excluding Go Karts). From rollercoasters to water rides, train rides to driving schools, there’s something for everyone at this amusement park. What’s more, there are many rides specifically designed for children under 1 meter in height, ensuring that the little ones have a blast too!

Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World, the first and largest in the world, offers nine captivating rides perfectly designed for young children and ideal for toddlers. From Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride to George’s Dinosaur Adventure, the attractions are thoughtfully created to provide a magical experience for the little ones.

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

Located in Winchester, Hampshire, the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium is an interactive science and technology center that offers a wide range of hands-on experiences for visitors of all ages. The center houses 100 hands-on science exhibits, offering visitors the opportunity to engage in interactive and educational experience and boasts the largest digital 360° planetarium in the UK, providing an immersive and educational journey through the universe!

Beaulieu National Motor Museum

Beaulieu National Motor Museum is a must-visit attraction in Hampshire, offering an immersive journey through the captivating history of motoring, making it a great day out for visitors of all ages and interests. Perfect for kids who love all things cars! It has an exciting 250 different vehicles to look at.

SeaCity Museum

The SeaCity Museum, located at the heart of Southampton, offers an enriching experience for kids, diving into the city’s maritime history and its strong connections to the Titanic. ids can immerse themselves in the interactive exhibits depicting Southampton’s historic connections with the Titanic. They can navigate the Titanic through the Solent using a real captain’s wheel, learn Morse code, and even stoke the boilers, offering a hands-on learning experience.

These diverse attractions offer a wide range of experiences, from thrilling adventures to educational explorations, ensuring that there’s something for everyone in Hampshire. So, pack your sense of adventure and get ready to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!