Adding Personal Touches to a New Build Home

While the clean lines, modern fixtures and blank canvas walls of a new build home might be initially appealing, it can also feel a little sterile. 

Here’s how to transform your house into a stylish and personalised haven, reflecting your unique personality.

Buying a new build home – a shift in trends

The UK housing market has seen a surge in new build properties in recent years

According to a recent report, over 212,000 new homes were built in 2022. This trend is driven by factors like energy efficiency and modern layouts, but it also presents a fantastic opportunity for homeowners to bring their own design flair to the table.

Add texture & comfort with soft furnishings

Think beyond the basic sofa and curtains. Soft furnishings are a brilliant way to introduce colour, texture and personality. Bring visual appeal and comfort with rugs in complementary tones and patterns. Throws and cushions in rich velvets or cosy linens add instant warmth. Consider incorporating hand-knitted items or throws with sentimental value for a truly personal touch.

Artwork to catch eyes and start conversations

What we hang on our walls act as windows into the soul. Don’t be afraid to showcase your taste! A statement piece above the fireplace or a gallery wall featuring travel finds, family photos and eclectic prints will add visual interest and liven up your hosting nights.

Get a natural boost with greenery inside and out!

Studies by the University of Essex have found that houseplants can significantly reduce stress and improve air quality. Incorporate a variety of greenery throughout your home. Hanging plants soften corners, trailing varieties add a touch of class on shelves, and larger plants like fiddle-leaf figs create a dramatic focal point.

Go bold with pops of colour

Gone are the days of beige walls. This year’s colour trends are all about embracing bold hues. Think deep jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue for a dramatic accent wall. Earthy tones like terracotta or ochre add warmth and cosiness. Play with colour through soft furnishings and artwork for a cohesive look.

Top tips for personalising your new build:

  • Embrace Built-in Storage: New builds often come with ample storage. Use it creatively! Display decorative objects, heirloom pieces or collections in open shelving instead of hiding them away.
  • Upcycle Vintage Finds: Vintage furniture adds a unique charm to these modern designs. Hunt for pre-loved pieces at car boot sales or charity shops and give them a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint or reupholstery.
  • Light it Up! The right lighting can completely transform a space. Invest in statement pendant lights over dining tables or floor lamps with interesting textures for a warm and inviting ambience.