Activity Ideas for Outdoorsy Families Vacationing in Mallorca 

Family vacations are a great way to reconnect away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. They’re ideal for strengthening family bonds, relaxing together and having fun trying new things. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a vacation spot that suits everyone in the family, especially if you have children of different ages or with very different personalities or needs.

Fortunately, Mallorca has something to appeal to all ages. If you’re planning a vacation to Mallorca and want to make the most of your trip, here are some ideas that active families will love.


The largest of the Balearic islands, Mallorca is a hikers’ paradise, which makes it great for families who enjoy striding out together.

Hiking may be off-limits for families with very young children since it can be a challenge for little legs to keep up, but babies can still be carried on hikes, meaning there’s no reason to miss out on a trip just because you have a little one in tow!

Hiking tours can also work well if you have older children, as wildlife spotting will keep them entertained, as will the awe-inspiring views that they’re sure to remember. Take a family hike through the beautiful Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca for an experience that everyone can enjoy.


Depending on your kids’ ages and physical abilities, cycling can be a great family activity and a wonderful way to tour Europe. Self-guided cycling tours can work particularly well for many families since they give you the freedom to stop off wherever and whenever you want.

Cycling vacations to Mallorca allow you to explore your destination off the beaten path and away from the busy tourist traps many families fall into. From your saddle, you’ll be able to appreciate all that the country has to offer, including its fantastic scenery. 

Meanwhile, kids will love Mallorca’s coastal cycling trips where they can stop off at medieval towns and explore unspoilt beaches.

Water sports

For families looking to make the most of Mallorca’s turquoise blue waters, there are plenty of water sports on offer here too. Depending on their ages, you might want to introduce your kids to kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkelling or even scuba diving.

Of course, children will need to be confident swimmers to take part in most of the fantastic water-based activities on offer, but even younger ones can enjoy paddling and learning to swim from the safety of the shore with grown-ups. Plus, there are an array of boat trips on offer that are fun for all ages and abilities.

Amusement Parks

One of the big draws for families visiting Mallorca is the sheer number of family-friendly attractions and amusement parks available on the island.

Forestal Park is home to zip lines and rope courses to challenge active youngsters (and adults!). There are also rock climbing opportunities, theme parks with rides for all ages, and, of course, the island’s many famous and much-loved water parks.

Alternatively, if you have a wildlife-loving little one, there are zoos and aquariums that are sure to delight. Palma Aquarium in Playa de Palma is a popular option, as is Safari Zoo in Cala Millor. 

Or for something a little more prehistoric, you could take your dinosaur-loving youngster to Dinosaurland in Porto Cristo to walk among authentic life-size replicas of the real things!