4 tips for embracing post-baby fashion

Having a baby changes your life in so many ways, especially in the first few months and years. From pausing your career and favourite hobbies to uprooting your usual day-to-day routine, there’s a lot to get used to in no time at all!

Something that might seem insignificant at first but can have a big impact on your mental wellness is your post-partum body. Many mums lose confidence in their figure after having a baby and this can take a toll on your self-esteem. 

There are several ways to overcome negative body image after having a baby, not least recognising your new shape, stretch marks and scars as a sign of strength! Paying attention to what you wear – and not forcing yourself into pre-baby clothing – is one of the essential steps to falling in love with your new figure. 

Follow these four tips for embracing post-baby fashion and you’ll soon be feeling confident and comfortable in your skin.

Prioritise comfort

Let’s face it: when you’re looking after a baby, you need to be cool or cosy and able to move easily. When you’re dressing each day, prioritise comfort. Being physically comfortable will make you feel better mentally too, and is essential to you tackling the tasks of motherhood! 

Comfort doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Coordinated joggers-and-jumper sets and high-waisted loose-leg mum jeans are all the rage right now! In the summer, a flowing maxi dress is the perfect option for ease and effortless style.


Rather than making a statement with pieces of clothing, accessorise to impress instead. Add an uplifting touch of sparkle with an elegant diamond ring or subtle stud earrings, or experiment with a selection of stackable rings and bracelets. Favour close-fitting jewellery over and above long necklaces and dangly earrings that might tempt your baby to grab. 

A patterned scarf or a beautifully crafted bag from a leading designer can add interest to the most basic jeans and t-shirt outfit and keep people’s attention where you want it.

Practical footwear

When it comes to post-partum footwear, it’s safety first! Choose practical shoes that are easy to walk in and will keep you steady on your feet when you’re carrying your baby and the baby bag full of essentials.

Trainers are your best bet in most situations. You can opt for a sporty design and match them with gym leggings and hoodies or a more stylish everyday model that works well with everything from jeans to dresses. 


Finally, make sure to invest in plenty of tops that are suitable for breastfeeding such as button-down blouses and tops with additional flaps and fabric or detachable straps to provide easy access while keeping you covered up.